Beverly Hills Pay To Stay Jail

Beverly Hills Pay-To-Stay Jail

The Beverly Hills Police Department operates the city’s only jail, the Beverly Hills Jail. Here are housed those on probation or parole who have been convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to serve time in the local facility instead of the county jail.

In the 1990s, some Southern California cities started advocating pay-to-stay jail programs as a means of keeping nonviolent offenders out of county jails that can be dangerous places for inmates. It has drawn criticism from both sides; law enforcement officers and criminal defense lawyers claim it runs counter to equal justice principles while giving judges too much power over sentencing without evidence that someone has committed a crime.

For $110 a day, prisoners can rent a jail cell that’s similar to a hotel room. It includes a queen-size bed, sofa, desk and separate shower space. Furthermore, these “customers” have access to the kitchenette, unlimited phone calls and free newspapers.

At least 26 of California’s jails offer pay-to-stay cells, mostly located in Southern California’s Los Angeles and Orange counties. These options were introduced due to overcrowding and violence at these region’s county jails.

Today, most programs designed to house misdemeanor offenders sentenced to one year or less in jail have been created. However, The Marshall Project recently discovered that many pay-to-stay jails now house those convicted of felony crimes as well. This is because a section of the state penal code allows judges to send people to county jail for misdemeanor offenses if they reside within the same county as their felony charge.

Pay-to-stay jails typically house men, though women and children can also be housed there. This may present a problem when family members need to visit their loved ones in jail or if the inmate is under 18.

If you need to confirm if someone you know is in the Beverly Hills Jail, the fastest way to do so is by calling directly and asking for their booking number. The booking system updates within two hours of new bookings, making this the quickest way to obtain inmate information.

All incoming jail detainees are given the opportunity to make at least three local phone calls, which can be helpful in informing friends and family of their arrest or seeking legal counsel. If you would like to deposit money into an inmate’s account, this can be done in the jail lobby.

Additionally, the Beverly Hills Police Department accepts cash bail payments daily. You can use a licensed bail bondsman or pay in person at your local courthouse.

General Inmate Visitors

Families or friends wishing to visit an inmate can contact BHPD and request that an officer come directly to their home. During this visit, all parties involved must present valid forms of identification such as a driver’s license or passport.

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