Ben Rector Thanksgiving Song Chords

Ben Rector’s Thanksgiving Song Lyric Video

Ben Rector and his unique blend of Americana pop and folk music will surely delight fans, as the guitarist recently released “The Thanksgiving Song,” a lyric video that perfectly captures all the warm feelings associated with this festive season.

As a father of three, including two babies under four months, Rector has always treasured Thanksgiving as an opportunity to spend quality time with his family. So he wrote the “Thanksgiving Song” as a way of starting new traditions and spreading joy during this special season.

Ten years after Rector first gained notoriety, he has released seven studio albums and numerous live EPs, along with touring the world several times. His distinctive blend of folk rock and country music combined with an endearing stage presence have cemented Rector’s place as a beloved artist around the world.

He’s a songwriter who can make you smile or cry, and who always seeks out an engaging story. So it’s no surprise that he chose a creative team to craft this whimsical lyric video.

The most captivating lyrics in Rector’s song are those about enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with all its trimmings – an expression of his affection for the holiday. He praises God for providing us with these blessings and urges us to savor every moment with joy.

Not only is the video one of Rector’s best songs to date, it’s also an effective way to promote his brand and showcase his signature guitar work. In it, Rector plays an electric blues riff as he takes you back in time to his childhood home, showcasing his gift for storytelling and singing about family values.

This year, Rector is set to release his anticipated Christmas album. To help his fans celebrate, he’s released several new songs that are sure to delight them in the lead-up.

On this album, Rector’s collaborators have also been praised for creating an inventive lyric video using animation to tell his story. It’s an imaginative way to preserve all the touching and encouraging moments he has shared throughout his career.

He’s an impressive musician, so it’s no surprise why this track was chosen as the most seductive. If you’re considering giving the song a listen or adding it to your personal playlist, here are the most essential facts that will help you decide if this track is suitable for you.

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