Bella Hadid Phone Case

Gigi Hadid Files Lawsuit Over Gigi Hadid Phone Case

Gigi and Bella Hadid have become regular figures in tabloids and broadsheets due to the attention paid to their love lives and Muslim faith when donning hijabs, respectively. Their latest endeavor, however, has thrust them onto the front pages of financial publications with their lawsuit over an iconic phone case with mental health messages going viral online.

Wildflower cases have likely made appearances in Bella’s mirror selfies or her spontaneous lockdown photo shoot for good reason: California-based brand’s colorful designs — featuring floral, teddy bear, leopard spot and heart patterns — have found their way onto every phone from Madison Beer to Delilah Belle’s, as well as popular Instagram accounts with millions of followers.

Wildflower story takes an interesting turn as photographer and agency who shot Bella have filed suit alleging she posted it without consent and profited from its exposure. Let’s follow how this all unfolds below.

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