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Eclipse Review – Bella Swan and Edward Cullen

Eclipse, the third installment in the Twilight Saga, follows Bella Swan as she pursues her relationship with Edward Cullen despite knowing of his true nature; nonetheless she desires marrying and settling down with him even though her family, friends and others advise against it.

Evie is an intelligent girl, yet her obsession with Edward outweighs any common sense she might otherwise possess, leading her to engage in risky and reckless behaviors in response to potential danger, like meeting suspicious-looking groups outside bars and going close to dangerous-looking groups of individuals outside bars. Furthermore, she finds it very hard to accept that Jacob Black no longer desires physical intimacy between themselves as lovers.

Bella stands out among her single peers by not shying away from male pursuit. With an intuitive understanding of men, Bella never takes no for an answer when it comes to attracting men but is careful not to jump too quickly into relationships before she knows someone well enough.

As Edward and Bella move closer to marriage, Bella finds herself torn between human and vampire instincts. While her instinct tells her to run from the Volturi, the vampire council that controls her world, Bella finds comfort knowing that the love for Edward outweighs any fears over her own safety.

In this last installment of the saga, Bella must learn to balance her two identities while making some tough choices regarding Renesmee Cullen, her half-human/half-vampire daughter. When her urge to become fully vampire finally overpowers her emotions and she gives in, Bella must learn how to manage them effectively in order to survive – while simultaneously learning about parent/child relationships and how difficult it is to let go of an offspring, particularly one so close to oneself.

Kristen Stewart shines again as Bella, bringing the character to life through subtlety and self-mockery. Robert Pattinson as Edward and Taylor Lautner as Jacob also deliver stunning performances; portraying their roles with ease while also seeming in love despite appearances to the contrary; their scenes together stand out among many in this movie; Billy Burke returns as Charlie who adds another layer to their dynamic by disapproving of Edward and favoritism towards Jacob – making this one worth seeing for any fan of these actors who brought these characters to life on-screen! This film should not be missed by fans of either series or actors portrayals portrayed within.

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