Beat Shazam Holiday Special

Beat Shazam Holiday Special

Over the holiday season, Shazam offers a special beat shazam game for an opportunity to win big prizes. All you have to do is download the app and tap your best guess; then compete against TV contestants as they try to identify songs – and win cash!

Hosted by Jamie Foxx, this music-focused game show pits teams of two against each other in a competition to identify the biggest hit songs of all time. Combining elements from television game shows with Shazam’s mobile experience for an unparalleled immersive experience.

To play, use the Shazam app to listen for song titles and tap your best guess when the DJ plays a track. Compete against teams on-air or online–see if you can guess faster than them!

In addition to live streaming, the show can be streamed for free on YouTube and the Fox Now app. The latter boasts a full screen game sync during commercial breaks as well as related show content and an incentive bank of $10k for each round.

On Thursday, December 27th 2019, the winner of the Beat Shazam holiday special will be revealed! In addition to winning $2 million, they’ll get to host their own Beat Shazam show!

Catch the live streaming action with Fox Now on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV or online. Alternatively, you can download it free from either App Store or Google Play for even greater convenience.

On this holiday special, viewers are invited to engage with the show on social media by sharing their favorite beat shazam moments using hashtag #BeatShazamHolidaySpecial. Additionally, you can win prizes by playing the Shazam mobile game during each episode, which will feature a different game theme each week.

Fox has renewed the show for a third season due to its success. They’ve brought back Jamie Foxx as host and executive producer, with his daughter Corinne serving as DJ.

Casting for Season 3 has already started and casting directors are seeking team members with big personalities. Additionally, they encourage applicants to upload a video showcasing their personality and expertise in music.

Beat Shazam not only offers a thrilling game show experience to viewers at home, but the Shazam app also allows them to participate in it – an app which has seen millions of engagements during its second season!

The app allows users to choose four artists or categories and tap on their best guess when the DJ plays a song. Once selected, the app will display both the artist’s name and four other songs matching that same category.

At the end of the final round, teams can either opt to quit or keep trying to identify the last song on their list. If they succeed, they will receive a bonus of $25,000. However, if they choose not to answer this final question, their winnings are reduced in half.

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