Batman Forever Two Face Costume

Batman Forever Tommy Lee Jones Two Face Costume

Two-Face was an alias used by former Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent after being brain damaged by mobster acid, becoming a bloodthirsty maniac with multiple personalities and an iron will. To determine his actions he would flip coins; using it for revenge on those who wronged him he battled Batman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman and Joker all together on his quest for justice.

Tommy Lee Jones played Two-Face in the 1995 film Batman Forever and earned both critical and commercial acclaim for his depiction. Jones received high marks for conveying Two-Face’s schizophrenia while simultaneously drawing attention to Dent’s guilt for Robin’s origin and Flying Grayson murder that would later be held against him post-Crisis continuities.

This auction features Tommy Lee Jones’ actual costume from Batman Forever as Two-Face from production used condition and will come complete with a Hero Prop Certificate of Authenticity.

The suit consists of a jacket and pants with one solid color side and one zebra print side to symbolize Two-Face’s dual personalities. The jacket has button closure in front and elastic waistbands for comfort; additionally, Two-Face wears an elastic necktie which comes pre-tied.

As part of its auction offering, this auction also offers a life-size Two-Face mannequin with incredible lifelike details that is an absolute must-have for any collector of superhero memorabilia.

Two-Face was killed unwittingly through his actions in the movie, unlike Joker and Penguin who both died intentionally by falling off buildings. To make their film more family friendly, directors Rick Baker and John Landis decided to cut a scene where Two-Face captures an Arkham Asylum guard while fleeing Arkham Asylum and uses him as a stand-in; this scene would otherwise depict Two-Face in similar fashion to how Joker is shown in Tim Burton films.

Though the death of Two-Face was controversial, many have celebrated how this movie modernized his look for the first time ever in modern times. Many credit this move with helping to establish his iconic design – later used by Jim Carrey when portraying Two-Face for DC Comics line relaunch and currently voiced by William Shatner in DC Animated Universe TV show! Thus many fans have sought to acquire his original suit so as to relive this classic Batman story; thus making this an extremely rare opportunity.

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