Bath And Body Works Tea Rose Candle

Bath and Body Works Tea Rose Candle Review

The Bath and Body Works Tea Rose scented candle is a great way to create a homey atmosphere. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, so you don’t have to end up with a soggy mess of the contents. Keep in mind that the Tea Rose scent is not for everyone and you’ll need to keep the candle in a cool place.

The best part is you can relight it several times over. You’ll also get a pleasant aroma for your buck, as long as you can get to the store where the candles are sold. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions, or you’ll be wasting your money and your lungs.

As with any candle, be careful not to burn it around children, pets, or fire. When burning the Bath and Body Works Tea Rose scented candle, be sure to make sure the wicks are trimmed well before the burn is done. If you have kids, consider buying one of those multi-wick candles, as they are far less likely to catch on fire and make a mess of the contents. Lastly, make sure you are using the proper tin for the scented candle. It’s a good idea to use the tin that has a removable wick, as it makes it easier to get the scented wax to the glass.

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