Bahamas Regatta Schedule 2022

Best of the Bahamas Regatta Schedule 2022

After two years away from Montagu Beach in Nassau, the Best of the Bahamas Regatta returned with a bang this December 1- 4th with an unforgettable Bahamian extravaganza that celebrated culture through music, delicious treats, and exciting sloop sailing races. Attended by hundreds of sloop sailors from throughout the archipelago in A-B-C-E class races.

Regatta attendees came from throughout The Bahamas as well as Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Dominica & Grenada among other Caribbean nations; over 60 boats participated – the highest ever turnout ever for Best of the Bahamas Regatta! Minister for Agriculture Marine Resources & Family Island Affairs Clay Sweeting said it had exceeded his expectations.

Regatta Desk Manager Barry Wilmott said it was wonderful to witness all the boats returning to the water and that this event provided young sailors with an incredible opportunity to demonstrate their talents on such an international stage.

Sponsors could take advantage of the event to reach a wide audience, and the ministry was pleased with such an engaging collection of sloops competing and spectators enjoying all that food and entertainment there were on offer.

Wilmott pointed out that The Bahamas’ next major regatta will be the Long Island Regatta, held during Labour Day weekend each June. According to Wilmott, it is the second-biggest regatta and serves as an annual fund-raiser for Long Island. Skippers compete for cash prizes and trophies across three classes: A, B and C classes with skippers from all across The Bahamas competing. In addition, this event hosts a competitive triathlon that includes swimming, cycling and rowing the boat as well as artisans displaying handmade straw items as well as local food and spirits – making for a complete festival experience!

Long Island is the second-largest island of The Bahamas and a popular tourist destination, known for its stunning beaches, coral reefs and pristine environment. Additionally, this island hosts many endemic plant and animal species unique to itself.

At the Long Island Regatta, participants will compete for the Goombay Punch Cup, given to the winner of three major regatta events (Best of the Bahamas, National Family Islands and Long Island). Winners receive a $5,000 cash prize as well as an $8,000 stipend to advance sailing on their island junior sailing club and exclusive Goombay cans from September until January.

Visitors enjoyed watching these highly overpowered sailboats in action and listening to talented Bahamian musicians such as Bahamians Trae, Nishe, Fanshawn, Ebony and Puzzle as well as world-renowned saxophonist Darren Strachan perform.

Regatta attractions were not limited to racing; families and children could also enjoy kiddie corner activities such as bouncing castles and face painting. Children also got a treat seeing Santa arrive in his sloop sailing boat with gifts and treats!

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