Aymee Nuviola Grammy 2022

Aymee Nuviola – Grammy Nomination For Best Tropical Latin Album

Aymee Nuviola is a Cuban singer-pianist, composer and actress best known for her roles in the Colombian telenovela Celia. She has earned awards for her songwriting and vocals, as well as being nominated at the 2022 Grammys for Best Tropical Latin Album.

Aymee and her husband have long been supporters of social causes in Miami, such as “League Against Cancer.” Additionally, they’ve collaborated with other charities and nonprofits like Walk Now for Autism Speaks – an initiative that raises awareness about autism and emphasizes early intervention and treatment options. Aymee and her husband have donated food to organizations throughout Puerto Rico, Colombia and Venezuela in addition to their personal donations.

She’s a singer-songwriter and musician influenced by various genres. Her first two albums, Como Anillo al Dedo and First Class to Havana, won Latin Grammy awards for Best Salsa Album and Tropical Fusion Album respectively. Additionally, she co-produced A Journey Through Cuban Music with master Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba which earned her another Grammy.

She has extensive experience in the music industry, having collaborated with artists such as Bruno Mars (Puerto Rico), Anderson.Paak and SZA; whom she’s toured with previously. Additionally, she’s performed at multiple international festivals and is currently touring Europe with her band.

Her latest release, Live in Marciac, released May 27 on 5Passion Records, brings together multiple GRAMMY-winning jazz pianist and composer Gonzalo Rubalcaba for an exceptional collaboration that pays homage to music’s rich legacy through an unforgettable blend of timeless masterpieces.

This record showcases a blend of traditional and modern Cuban and Caribbean classics, as well as some originals that have shaped her style. It’s an energetic performance that showcases her knowledge and appreciation of Cuban and Afro-Latin music.

Aymee was born and raised in Cuba, with a deep connection to her homeland. She holds an immense love for Cuba and hopes to share its vibrant culture with the rest of the world.

She has a background in Latin jazz and collaborated with renowned pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba on Viento Y Tiempo, Live at Blue Note Tokyo which earned a 2020 Grammy nomination for Best Latin Jazz Album. Additionally, she collaborated with rapper Lil Nas X on a cover of Colombian Vallenato song “La Gota Fria,” which she performed at the 2022 Grammys.

Her career has taken her around the world, with roles in major films like “Camina a Voy De Detras,” which premiered at the 2022 Academy Awards. She currently performs regularly throughout Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and the United States.

Aymee’s recent win at the 2022 Grammys has cemented her place as one of music’s most sought-after artists. She’s currently recording her fourth studio album and plans to embark on another world tour in 2020.

Recently, she spoke with People CHICA about how her Cuban and Afro-Latin heritage informs both her music and everyday life. Additionally, she discussed her new album Viento Y Tiempo as well as what the future holds for this genre of music.

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