Autopsy Of Gigi Bryant

Autopsy Of Gianna Maria Onore Bryant

Gianna Maria Onore Bryant, commonly known by her nickname of Gigi, was just 13 when she tragically perished in a helicopter accident along with her father and other passengers on January 26th 2020 in Calabasas, California.

Gigi Bryant was reported flying to Harbor Day School when her aircraft mysteriously crashed, prompting fans to question why and how this tragedy unfolded. Her passing as one of nine lives lost in that crash left many in shock and outraged at what occurred.

Los Angeles County Medical Examiner issued its autopsy report shortly after the tragic incident, concluding that all nine victims died due to blunt force trauma. This caused outrage on social media; people felt betrayed that such graphic details about Gigi were released online.

Images from Gigi’s car crash have gone viral across social media platforms like Twitter, Tiktok and Reddit, showing her and other passengers suffering severe burns in the incident. Their organs were even destroyed and they experienced dismemberment as well as severe brain trauma as a result of this traumatizing accident.

When the helicopter crashed, several people including her parents Payton Chester, basketball coach John Altobelli, two other children, as well as its pilot were aboard; several were injured as a result and one passed away as a result of this tragic event.

Even though this event was tragic and distressful, many individuals took issue with how the sheriff’s department released these photos to the public. Some accused deputies of unlawfully sharing them among friends and family.

Critics criticized the sheriff’s department for releasing images of victims without their consent, since these youngsters were just 13-16 at the time of their deaths and should have received some form of protection from it.

Reports surfaced that the sheriff’s department took and shared these photos in order to boost their search engine ranking, with no prior notification to victims that their bodies would be publicly displayed. When news broke of this leakage, it left victims shocked and upset about what had transpired.

The sheriff’s department was ordered to pay out $29 million as compensation to the families of victims, underscoring the importance of safeguarding personal information and privacy in this modern era. We must never allow greed and sensationalism to compromise our humanity; Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and the others who perished that day may rest in peace; it is unfortunate they had to endure such a horrific end; let’s hope this horrific tragedy never reoccurs in future tragedies.

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