Aria And Jason Get Together

Pretty Little Liars – Aria and Jason Get Together

Aria and Jason get together

If you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan, you probably know that Aria Montgomery and Jason DiLaurentis were once involved in a passionate fling, albeit years ago. And while it looks like their romance has ended, there’s actually more to Jason and Aria than meets the eye.

Jason and Aria met while they were still in college, and their first date was a little awkward. But it seems as if they’ve been rekindling their feelings for one another lately. They’ve been seeing each other a lot lately, and their friendship has grown.

They have a lot in common, especially their passion for writing and music. They’re both in a relationship that’s going through some tough times, and it’s interesting to see how Aria and Jason are both trying to figure out what’s best for them.

In the show, he is a teacher at Hollis College, but it doesn’t seem as if he and Aria have any plans to get married any time soon. He’s been encouraging Aria in her writing and has been a major influence on her.

When he’s not teaching, he spends a lot of time with his daughter. They’re both happy with their lives, but he’s also a little lonely.

He has a job offer that would require him to move out of Rosewood, but he wants to stay with Aria. But he’s afraid to tell her because it might end up being too late. He’s also worried that she might get upset.

But she doesn’t want to leave her son. Plus, he’s been encouraging her to keep up her writing and music. He knows that she needs to find something else to keep her busy.

They’re both also a little bit nervous about the idea of being in a relationship again, but they’ve both been feeling the urge to give it a try. They’ve both been feeling a little guilty about their breakups, and they both want to make up for lost time.

Jason and Aria meet again after a long period of being away, and they have some pretty steamy scenes together. They even kiss. It’s a pretty cute moment between the two, but it doesn’t last too long.

The next time they’re together, he asks her to go on a philanthropy trip to Ethiopia, and she agrees. He then shows her some pictures of his family’s old house. She starts to get suspicious, but he reassures her that she’s in the right place.

Their relationship gets a little bit more serious when Aria finds out that her father has been making threats against him, which leads to his loss of his job at Hollis College. They start to spend more time together, and they continue to date.

She starts to suspect that Jason is being shady, but he’s not the only one. Emily is also worried about him. She and Spencer are also getting jealous of his attention, and they’re both wondering if he’s just being nice to her for some reason.

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