Are Travel Nurses Required To Find Their Own Housing for Each Assignment?

Travel nursing is a rewarding career that allows healthcare professionals to explore new places while providing care to patients. Some travel nursing agencies have a housing department that can arrange corporate housing for nurses, but some do not. Travel nurses may also receive a stipend with which they can pay for housing. Learn more about the housing options for travel nurses below:

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing refers to fully furnished apartments that are available for short-term rental. These houses or apartments offer services and amenities designed to cater to business travelers, including travel nurses. Travel nurse agencies may lease corporate houses long-term and offer them to their nurses. Below are some aspects of corporate rentals that make them ideal for traveling nurses:


Because short-term rental houses are fully furnished, you do not need to buy any household fixtures when you move to your new work location. You move into a house with kitchen appliances, electronics, and bedding. The availability of amenities saves you the hassle and expense of setting up a new home.

Location Flexibility

Because corporate rentals are meant to house traveling professionals, it is easy to find houses close to your workplace. Living near your workplace is an invaluable advantage as it makes it easier to have a work-life balance. You can quickly travel from work to home.

Short-term Leases

Corporate rentals have short-term leases, which align perfectly with the temporary nature of travel nursing assignments. Nurses can rent corporate housing monthly, allowing for easy job transitions. When your assignment is up in a given area, you don’t have to worry about a long-term lease.

Finding Your Own House

If you prefer to find your own home, you can choose to receive a housing stipend from your employer. You can rent an Airbnb during your stay, book a hotel, or get a standard rental. You can also share a home with a colleague to reduce your rent expenses.

If you can find cheaper housing, you can save what is left over from your housing stipend. With stipend pay, you are responsible for all your house expenses. Travel nurse agencies provide nurses with a housing stipend equivalent to the cost of living in an area. The best way to utilize your housing allowance is to rent a fully furnished house so you don’t have to spend money on furniture. Below are some benefits of finding your own home:

  • You have more control over where you live
  • You can keep any leftover housing allowances after renting
  • You decide when to start house hunting and move in
  • You can choose which amenities to prioritize when selecting a home

Find Suitable Housing for Travel Nurses

Due to the fluid nature of travel nursing, you may want to find a housing solution that minimizes your costs and is easier to relocate from. Corporate housing is a reliable option for traveling professionals that allows them to settle in quickly and start work. Consider corporate rentals to get a fully furnished house with all the comforts of a home.

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