April Fools Put My Name On A Fake Ultrasound

Put My Name on a Fake Ultrasound

An ultrasound (also called sonography) can be an exciting milestone for expectant parents. This noninvasive procedure provides a detailed image of their unborn baby within their mother’s uterus, making it possible to determine its gender as well as when in gestation the pregnancy is expected to end.

Ultrasounds can also be used to diagnose various medical conditions. An ultrasound can detect cysts, ovarian tumors, and other issues; sometimes even used as part of infertility diagnosis procedures performed either at-home or by professionals. Although an ultrasound has numerous advantages over traditional tests such as blood tests or CT scans, there may still be risks involved with an ultrasound examination.

Whoever wants to play a prank on their friends can purchase fake ultrasound images online and print them on authentic ultrasound paper. Some websites even allow you to customize this fake ultrasound with personal details, like your name, date of pregnancy (or that of the victim if planning a joke) and hospital name; you can even choose whether or not the ultrasound should be 2D or 3D!

Once you place an order for a fake ultrasound, you will receive a PDF file of its image, which you can print out at a photo center or copy shop just like regular photos. Furthermore, emailing this image directly to your victim gives them the illusion they have undergone an actual ultrasound and are in their ninth week of gestation.

Prank your friends with a fake pregnancy test for extra fun. You can purchase kits that come complete with an ultrasound-style device and fake blood sample; once they use it, your friends may not even recognize it from reality! This can be an excellent way to exact revenge on anyone who has wronged you in some way.

False pregnancy tests offer you plenty of ways to tease your friends, making for the perfect way to surprise someone getting married, such as making her think she is pregnant with twins! Or you could purchase one as an April Fools joke and use it against her! There are endless possibilities when it comes to using fake pregnancy tests for mischief, making your friends believe they’re expecting! You could use one as part of any plan!

Baby Maybe has the highest quality fake ultrasounds on the market and offers two and three dimensional options as well as gender reveals for your convenience. Our instant digital PDF allows you to start playing pranks immediately! Get yours now and surprise someone today!

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