Annie Potts Ghostbusters Costume

Annie Potts in a Ghostbusters Costume

Are you searching for the ideal cosplay costume to pay tribute to the 1984 hit movie Ghostbusters? Annie Potts made this iconic outfit that includes a short brown wig with large glasses attached by red cord, black button down shirt with tights, skirt and heels for an iconic ’80s Ghostbusters look!

Ghostbusters is an iconic comedic series first introduced to audiences through the 1984 movie of the same name. Featuring a team of paranormal exterminators tasked with protecting society from supernatural threats, it became an immediate box office success, with sequels and television series following suit.

Ghostbusters costumes are a beloved cosplay theme, offering numerous styles and materials that can fit any body type. Common choices for cosplayers include proton pack kits, Stay Puft Marshmallows, ghost traps and the logo from the film itself.

Many of these items can be found at stores, while others can easily be made with common household supplies. Ghostbusters outfits from the 1980s are an excellent way to honor this iconic film while creating an authentic look at any costume party!

One of the most evocative characters from the original Ghostbusters movie is Janine Melnitz, played by Annie Potts. As receptionist at their office, her quirky personality and distinctive voice make her a standout character that stands out in this classic film.

As Janine from Ghostbusters, you can channel her lively and quick-witted persona by wearing a short brown wig with large glasses attached by red cord, tucking white blouse into front of black skirt and wrapping grey sleeveless shrug around it all. This costume can easily be made cosplay style, adding color with tights or red boots if desired!

Ghostbusters cosplayers recognize Egon Spengler, the deeply uncomfortable socialite and emotionally awkward man seen throughout the movie as Egon Spengler works alongside his fellow Ghostbusters and Louis Tully (a tax accountant nerd), while simultaneously having an intense attraction for Dana Wolfe who portrays Patty Tolan. This can also be seen during their interactions and romantic entanglements in particular.

For a subtler look, you could go for an outfit featuring a long-sleeved white blouse featuring black buttons tucked into black skirt and tights. This outfit provides the opportunity to experiment with various fabric markers to add black stripes if you aren’t sure where to begin with your costume design.

Paul Feig was very pleased to discover Kristen Wiig had similar qualities to Chris Farley when casting the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, with both performers possessing comedic talents. Furthermore, she reached out to him as a fan of the original movie asking for a role; this came as quite a shocker since many expected her to hesitate about accepting it and its themes; eventually though she accepted and it has since been successfully played out on screen.

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