Anne Hathaway Love And Other Drugs Outfits

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal Look Fabulous in Love and Other Drugs Outfits

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal look fabulous in the new movie “Love and Other Drugs.” In this rom-com, they play two lovers who fall in love in the 1990s pharmaceutical boom. Anne Hathaway’s dress is a tight, white frock with lace inset detailing and ruffled hips. Jake Gyllenhaal wore sharp suits with a tie.

Hathaway’s Love and Other Drugs is more open than ever as she spends more time nagging onscreen. She starred as a young girl in The Princess Diaries, which was followed by Rachel Getting Married and The Devil Wears Prada. During the Oscars, she performed the opening number as the White Queen. Her sexy attire was chosen to highlight her sexy character.

She quit smoking in 2008 but she kept her appearance at the premiere. She wore a lime-green Atelier Versace dress with black pants and black pumps. She wore her hair parted to the side and was smiling when appearing on talk shows. Despite the controversy surrounding Hathaway’s recent appearance, the actress remained sexy and glamorous in her Love and Other Drugs outfits.

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