Angela Braniff Net Worth

Angela Braniff Net Worth – How Much Is Angela Braniff Worth?

Angela Braniff is the matriarch of This Gathered Nest, the beloved family vlogging channel. Together with Christopher “CR”, their children Kennedy, Shelby, Rosie, Noah Jonah Ivy and Benjamin share their day-to-day life with millions of viewers via weekly videos posted to This Gathered Nest’s channel. Based out of North Carolina and passionate advocates for vulnerable children through adoption foster care homeschooling they offer their daily updates for millions of followers to watch every week!

Popular YouTube star, author, and podcast host Megan Ehle is also one of Buzzfeed’s Amazing Moms in 2017. Her relationship with husband — high school sweetheart since 2005 — and their two sons has been blessed.

As of 2020, she has seven children: Shelby and Kennedy are her biological daughters while Rosie, Noah, Jonah, Ivy & Benjamin are adopted (two born during pregnancy, three adopted embryos adopted through C.R.’s couple adoption, as well as two twins she and C.R. adopted from China). Together with their family blog, YouTube channel and social media accounts they also enjoy a large following online.

Her primary source of income comes from YouTube fame. Due to her distinct content and audience engagement, she has amassed over 2.5 million subscribers to date.

Despite her fame and success, she remains very humble and grounded. She takes great pride in her family, spending as much time as she can with them whenever possible – her devotion is evident throughout all of her videos.

As well as her homeschooling and parenting videos being extremely popular, she also boasts an interesting sense of humor which shines through in her vlogs. Not only is her humor relatable but hilarious too – her vlogs provide family fun as well as educational lessons!

She recently launched The Homeschooled Podcast as her latest venture and has had many guests, such as authors and educators, appear on each show – making this series accessible across multiple streaming platforms and highly popular among listeners.

As a busy mother, wife, and creator, Angela still finds time for herself with exercise and healthy eating habits. She and her husband also love traveling together with their children around the world – sharing their adventures on YouTube as they do it! Angela serves as an incredible role model – with an amazing family life as well as an impressive career on YouTube that continues to prosper despite all her ventures – we wish her continued success in all she undertakes – keep it up mama!

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