Ana Luz Rodriguez Paz

Ahmad Rashad and Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz

Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz and Michael Jordan broke up after a six-year relationship. They met in 1985 and fell in love. They have been together ever since. In August, they celebrated the 15th birthday of their adopted daughter Ava with a heartwarming post. Ahmad called Ava “the princess” while sharing photos of the couple with their friends.

Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz was a former football player and NBA player. Ahmad Rashad is 32 years older than her and she’s now married. The two have dated for six years, and the couple has two children. Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz has a known celebrity relationship that lasted 6.3 years.

Ahmad Rashad and Ana Luz Rodriguez Rodriguez-Paz were wed in May 2016. She’s 32 years older than Rashad, but they’re not related. Rodriguez-Paz, a psychologist and licensed clinical worker, specializes in individual therapy and family therapy. Rashad has two daughters. They also have a son, and a girl together. It is not clear if the couple will divorce or remain together.

Rashad, a former NBA player, was married to Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz. She is a Miami couples therapist. The pair married in Palm Beach County, Florida, according to their marriage certificate. The marriage took place three years ago in Palm Beach County. The marriage was officiated by a member of the bride’s family. An earlier marriage had taken place in Palm Beach County, Florida between Michael Jordan and Ana Luz Rodriguez -Paz.

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