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Jeopardy! Champion Amy Schneider Hits $1 Million in Regular Season Earnings

“Jeopardy!” champion Amy Schneider has made waves as one of four “Jeopardy!” players to surpass $1 million in regular season earnings on Friday, becoming both the highest-earning female contestant ever on the quiz show and boasting its longest winning streak. She already held those accolades.

Schneider isn’t one for boasting, but she appears delighted at having fulfilled what her classmates predicted about her in eighth grade based on geography and spelling bee knowledge. She feels grateful that she earned their respect as well as being seen as an advocate for transgender people despite receiving online hate and being subjected to jokes about being trans woman.

She sports a tattoo of Princess Ozma from L. Frank Baum’s classic story of how she was taken as a child and forced to live as a boy before Glinda the Good Witch changed her back into herself as she always was. Over the past several decades, this literary character has become a symbolic figure representing transgender identity and acceptance within Western culture.

Schneider is currently leading Andrew and Max for second place, and in her previous two appearances has averaged almost $21,000 per game since winning over $1.3 million on the show. She looks set to dominate Final Jeopardy once more on Monday!

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