Ami Goodheart And Anne Heche

Two Car Crash Victims – Ami Goodheart and Anne Heche

Anne Heche was involved in two car crashes in Los Angeles on Friday. In one, she smashed her blue Mini Clubman into a home in Mar Vista, California, at almost 90 mph, and in the other, her vehicle burst into flames. The actress was rushed to a local hospital for treatment, where she was found to have severe burns. She reportedly had narcotics and alcohol in her system, according to reports. While in the hospital, firefighters were unaware of the fact that Anne was oxygen-deprived, and did not know whether her organs were viable for donation. However, her family has said that she is not expected to survive the incident.

According to a report from TMZ, the actress may have been using drugs and alcohol while driving. She was also photographed at the scene with a bottle of vodka in her car. Apparently, Heche was on cocaine when she drove away from the first crash. This was apparently after she purchased the substance from a shop.

Another TMZ report says that she may have been under the influence of alcohol during the first crash. Her neighbor tried to put out the fire by spraying a hose at the building. But after over an hour, the fire had burned through the walls of the building. It took 59 firefighters about 65 minutes to extinguish the fire.

Anne Heche’s second accident happened on Friday, at around 8:40 p.m., in the Broadway Theater District of Downtown Los Angeles. The building was owned by a woman who was in the backyard when she saw the Mini swerving around in the air. She attempted to free the car, but was unsuccessful. A video from the scene shows the top of the car shredded by the heat.

Heche subsequently drove her car into another house in the neighborhood. She then continued driving on the same street before hitting a second home. By the time she hit the second home, her car was completely destroyed. Approximately 30 minutes passed before Anne Heche was pulled from the wreck.

Anne’s lungs were damaged in the crash, and her brain was oxygen-deprived. Doctors are investigating the cause of the crash as a DUI, but the family of Anne Heche has asked fans to respect their privacy. They said that the actress’s condition is not expected to improve.

Anne Heche has starred in several movies, including 13 Minutes and Return to Paradise. She was also chosen as a People magazine’s Most Beautiful Person in the World in 1998. After her divorce from her first husband, a cameraman, she married co-star James Tupper. The couple had a son named Atlas.

In a recent interview, Anne Heche told Vanity Fair that she was a victim of childhood abuse, and was open about her lifelong mental health issues. When she was younger, she had been abused by her father. During the interview, she described herself as a “patient zero” for a culture that tries to cancel each other.

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