America’s Toughest Bouncer

America’s Toughest Bouncer Winner of 1980 Crossword Answer

Crossword puzzle answer to America’s Toughest Boutr winner 1980. The answer was given once and includes a related clue. The links below will take you to the solutions to this clue. You can also view other clues that relate to this answer such as “America‚Äôs toughest bouncer.”

A man won America’s Toughest Boutr title in a televised contest. Although this is his first televised competition he is well-known in the bounce industry. He has been referred to as the toughest bouncer in the world by his co-workers. John Cullum is his name. He has been in the bounce business for 15 years.

Tureaud was raised in Chicago’s South Side. He is known for his gold jewelry, and rough-guy persona. In 1980, he won America’s Toughest Bout contest on NBC-TV. His winnings included throwing a 150-pound stuntman and smashing a four-inch wood door. He also made his first appearance in Rocky III, as Clubber Lang in the movie.

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