American Home By Yankee Candle 19 Oz

American Home by Yankee Candle 19 Oz Review

Undoubtedly, scented candles are an integral component of home decor industry. According to the National Candle Association, they’re projected to generate $664 billion by 2021! Not all scented candles are created equal though; many homeowners are turning to soy wax as a cheaper way of creating DIY versions at much reduced costs and in many cases more eco-friendly options than some big name brands on the market.

Yankee Candle has long been known for creating some of the top-selling fragrances around, yet recently they have been experiencing difficulties and having to cut corners to survive, which has taken its toll on their quality. Luckily, other companies have noticed their decline and begun offering customers much better alternatives.

Yankee Candle’s new owners have taken steps to increase profitability, cutting corners and shortchanging quality in order to turn a profit, leading them to produce inferior candles than they once did. Unfortunately, this means most candles no longer provide adequate scent throw when burned and more people than ever are purchasing these products solely on name recognition.

There are still a few Yankee Candles with exceptional scent throw, including Buttercream. This tempting fragrance features creamy vanilla, coconut and subtle notes of rum for extra sweetness – the ideal way to bring sweetness into any space or simply as an excellent dessert-inspired scent!

Fresh Cut Roses from Yankee Candle is another beautiful option that won’t overwhelm, perfect for adding some sophistication without feeling stuffy or uptight. One of their most beloved floral scents, it is easy to see why so many people enjoy its aromatherapy qualities!

As the temperatures cool off, this fragrance is the ideal companion to cozying up by a fire and reading a good book. Packed with fall spices and mulled wine notes to set an inviting ambience, its subtle yet mellow fragrance will fill your space with all the aroma of autumn – an absolute must for those who adore autumn!

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