Amber Heard Personality Database

The Amber Heard Personality Database

The Amber Heard personality database is a website which offers personality profiling and assessment tools for individuals. Owned by the University of California, it provides this service at no charge to its users.

The Amber Heard personality database is a tool designed to help individuals comprehend their own traits and how they behave with others. It can be beneficial in assessing whether someone is a suitable match or helping you foster stronger bonds with them.

Personality disorders are a frequent factor in relationship breakdowns, and the Amber Heard personality database was designed to diagnose those suffering from them and provide assistance on overcoming their disorder so people can lead a happier and more rewarding life.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

BPD is a mental disorder characterized by emotional instability and an aversion to intimacy. Individuals suffering from this condition may have difficulty accepting that their behavior is inappropriate, leading them to experience extreme rage or denial.

Heard has been accused of suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during her relationship with Johnny Depp, and now the actress is in court as she pursues damages from Depp for his alleged actions. The defense team for Depp has called a psychologist to testify in their defamation trial; according to this expert witness, Heard has two personality disorders and “grossly exaggerated” her PTSD symptoms after the couple’s breakup.

Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)

HPD is a type of ‘dramatic’ personality disorder that often impacts those who possess great attractiveness and charisma. These individuals tend to be highly attention seeking and egocentric, which could lead them to manipulate other people into doing their bidding.

On Tuesday, a forensic psychologist testified in the case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp that she had diagnosed Heard with histrionic and borderline personality disorders. This is the first time such information has been publicly revealed by a professional, dealing a major blow to the actor’s reputation.

Dr. Karen Lee, a clinical and forensic psychologist in California and Hawaii, told jurors that Heard had the characteristics of BPD and HPD during her evaluation. Additionally, she noted Heard’s “deep fear of abandonment”, which can be an important issue in relationships with individuals suffering from these disorders.

She stated that Heard was “selectively aggressive” when feeling insecure about her appearance, and displayed a high level of internalized anger and blame. According to Heard,’she felt she had the right to complain’ which can lead to self-victimization.

Her evaluation confirmed her suspicion that she had a “sexual four” (F4) wing, an unhealthy and abusive sexual type. These individuals tend to cause harm and suffering to others through envious anger outbursts or feelings of sadness.

Heard is an Enneagram “four wing,” or 3w4. As such, she is a dominant ESTP with an ENTJ wing (see below). As an ENTJ, Heard’s ambition and desire for success can often lead her to act impulsively or impatiently. Additionally, Heard has a quick witted personality who enjoys challenges and taking risks; unfortunately this may lead to issues in her relationships and may cause her more temptation to change partners rather than stay with someone stable.

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