Allie And Chanel On Days Of Our Lives

Allie Horton and Chanel Dupree Have a Love Triangle on Days of Our Lives

On Days of Our Lives, Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) and Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) have a romantic triangle. After years together, Allie is feeling the strain from this relationship that could potentially cause problems for herself.

In an effort to resolve their differences, Allie and Chanel decide to have a threesome together. This marks the first time a daytime TV show has shown group sex, leading fans of the soap to split opinions as to whether or not it was appropriate.

Viewers had plenty to say about the scene that aired on Thursday. Some were horrified at the idea of group sex, while others felt it necessary to represent a wider range of interests.

Contrary to popular opinion, the scene did feature a consensual threesome. However, neither Robert Scott Wilson nor Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) asked if Alex had condoms, nor was birth control discussed.

After the scene aired, viewers were quick to judge Allie and Chanel for their actions. Many felt they had crossed a line since they already had intimate relations.

This storyline is definitely going too far, though it should be remembered that this episode was taped six months ago and the show has only recently moved over to Peacock. Regardless, we won’t see this scene again on DAYS.

It is possible that Allie and Chanel will make up, but it also could end their relationship for good. It could even be that Allie leaves Salem forever.

Though Allie and Chanel remain madly in love with one another, their relationship is failing them. That is why Allie is ready to leave Salem behind.

Chanel has had a complicated relationship with men, and her mother Paulina Price (Jacket Harry) plays an integral role in her life. With Paulina’s plan to demolish Horton Square, Chanel has struggled to find work and pay the bills.

She’s going through a difficult time with her mother’s death, which has placed additional strain on Allie and Chanel’s relationship. Although they are close, it seems like the past is finally catching up to them.

When Allie and Chanel experience difficulties in their relationships, they often turn to one another for support. This is especially true when they have children.

Allie wants to spend as much time with her young son as possible, hoping that by spending quality time together they can fix their relationship problems and begin a new chapter in their lives.

If Allie and Chanel can reconcile, they can focus on their family and the future of their son. This will enable them to move past their issues and find happiness again.

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