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Alicia Machado Has Not Been Overly Nice to Gaby Spanic

Recently, Alicia Machado has been in the spotlight due to her ongoing feud with ex-Miss Universe Gaby Spanic on “La Casa de los Famosos,” where there are rumours that their relationship may have taken a hit recently.

According to Celia Lora’s interview, a Mexican portal reports that Alicia Machado and Gaby Spanic have not been on the best terms lately. They were seen on social media exchanging words and exasperation.

While filming the show, they have had some heated exchanges. Despite these disagreements, both have managed to maintain their friendship.

Gaby Spanic acknowledges she and Alicia Machado have been getting too close during the first week of filming “La Casa de los Famosos.” For most of that week, the two were very much in sync and enjoyed each others company; however, tensions have been building between them over time.

It is no wonder, as both women are stunningly beautiful and talented actors.

Due to this, they both enjoy immense popularity with their fans.

They boast an avid following on Instagram, who follow their every move.

Beyond that, both stars are known for being brutally honest with their fans when discussing their careers.

Additionally, they are renowned for their apparent affection towards one another and do not hide it from those watching them.

On the show, they often make fun of each other and sometimes get very candid with their friends.

Dealing with these things can be incredibly challenging and not everyone finds them desirable.

But it is possible for them to overcome this and once again become close friends.

To achieve this goal, both parties should remain calm and just be themselves.

So, if they can stay calm, then they will be better able to work together on the show and get along better with each other.

As a result, we’ve seen some intriguing posts from both of them on their social media accounts which suggest that they are still working towards resolving the conflict they had with each other.

Alicia Machado and Gaby Spanic are both stunningly beautiful women who have achieved great success in their careers. Both ladies possess great talent, which has allowed them to achieve such success so quickly.

At their inception, both artists were incredibly gifted and enjoyed immense popularity with their fans.

Their success can be attributed to their hard work and commitment.

In the past, they have been very friendly and close with one another.

They both possess an attractive beauty, and both have striven hard to reach success.

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