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Married At First Sight Season 15 – The Aftermath

The Married At First Sight season 15 cast is set for an explosive showdown. On tomorrow night’s reunion episode, each cast member must confront their decisions during filming while facing major drama – particularly, Nate and Justin’s aftermath from their confrontation.

In the wake of their encounter, Nate accuses Justin of taking a “pass,” and Alexis is less than pleased with this development. Eventually both parties come to an understanding, though some issues still need resolution between them.

As for the rest of the cast, they too are struggling to move forward. Some still carry issues from their past that put strain on their relationships; MAFS experts are there to offer support and guidance.

Experts advise that in order for Justin and Alexis to have a successful relationship, they need to put some issues from the past behind them and move on. Furthermore, they need to stop making assumptions about each other and be more honest with one another.

Alexis understands the value of being an attentive listener and patient with her husband. She must accept that he isn’t perfect, and believes he needs to grow and improve.

He’s an overly emotional individual who needs to learn how to control his feelings better. He is a giver and doer, but not particularly good at communicating.

On this episode, Justin struggles with talking to his wife. Eventually, he had to apologize for having a pillow talk with her but did not let that affect his friendship with Nate.

They met through a dating app before the experiment, and formed an intense connection during their honeymoon. Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn when their dogs started fighting.

On their season reunion, it appeared as though they might be divorced — yet they ultimately decided to work through things together. On parting ways with their pets and moving to San Diego, where they’re now living in a loft apartment, it became evident that things had taken an unexpected turn for the better.

Their relationship was turbulent, but they got the chance to be on a reality show for one year and discover more about themselves. It was their first experience with true love, and they discovered an immense amount about each other through it.

On decision day, Alexis and Matthew remained committed to each other; however, after an intense argument about whether Alexis truly intended to stay married or not, the couple ultimately divorced after about a week.

BOSSIP is giving fans an exclusive glimpse of what happens when Justin and Alexis finally sit down together on a park bench to reconnect after their divorce. While it may be sad, it appears these two need some closure from their marriage.

They discussed their attempts at consummating their marriage on their honeymoon, though both denied having had any sex. It was an awkward subject which caused tension between them. Despite their split, these two remain friends and stay connected via social media. Furthermore, they have an amazing group of supporters who are very supportive of them.

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