Alexis And David Rose Costume

How to Recreate a Johnny, Moira, Alexis, and David Rose Costume From Schitt’s Creek

If you’re a fan of Schittt’s Creek, chances are you’re searching for ways to recreate your favorite character’s costume for Halloween. Johnny, Moira, Alexis and David Rose each had their own distinct style that captured viewers of the hit TV show. From signature hair accessories to pajamas – there is something for everyone when it comes to Schittt’s Creek costumes!

Alexis Rose

When Alexis first appears on the show, she is wearing a hot pink minidress with bustier detail and black lace-up heels. She accessorizes with pearl and diamond jewelry as well as an asymmetrical side part with glam curls for an edgy yet chic aesthetic.

She adds a pink sun hat for some whimsical flair to her ensemble. You can achieve the same effect by wearing a long pink necklace and large pair of hoop earrings with your dress; if your hair is not blonde, consider dyeing your locks for the same effect.

Moira Rose

For a Moira Rose costume, you can either go with a wig or an ensemble of black-and-white clothes similar to what she often wears. Her signature look includes high collared shirts, long sleeves, plenty of jewelry and red lipstick for added impact.

Recreate her wedding look by wearing a black gown and tiara. For an even more bohemian flair, add on either a floppy sun hat or pink sun hat for added finishing touch.

Bob Currie

While Bob usually dresses down in Schittt’s Creek, Currie isn’t afraid to make some fashion statements. In his first on-screen outfit, he wears a short sleeved plaid button-up and light-wash jeans – an outfit that deviates from his usual tailored looks but still captures his laid-back personality and ability to adapt to the quirky nature of the town.

Ted Budd

Ted has grown into a more stylish scientist over the course of the series, becoming an enormous influence on Alexis. Even his beard has grown out! To reflect this transition, Ted’s final outfit on the show is more tailored than his earlier casual looks; a tan suit with blue button-down shirt and neutral loafers complete his ensemble.

The look conveys his confidence in his new relationship and ability to move on from the past. It also serves as a testament to how Alexis’ influence on him has grown and how much she has helped him grow.

David Rose

When David first appears on the show, he’s wearing a black sweater with leather accents and high-top sneakers – an expression of his dramatic and materialistic side.

He often shouts at an IRS employee carrying items out of his home. His sardonic sense of humour perfectly complements his daring fashion choices, making him a magnet for fans. It’s no wonder why so many people find him endearing!

If you want to recreate one of David Rose’s iconic looks or channel his sarcastic wit on Halloween night, a graphic sweater is the way to go. A pair of Converse will help add another dimension to David’s persona and other accessories like a hat, necklace or bracelet will complete the ensemble.

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