Alexandra Daddario Aerie Ad

Aerie Ad Campaign Features Alexandra Daddario

Aerie recently introduced a new ad campaign featuring Alexandra Daddario. The company, which is owned by American Eagle Outfitters, is known for its lingerie. Now, the brand is expanding into the shapewear market. This new campaign features a traditional lookbook with celebrity amplification on social media. It isn’t all about the glamour though, because there is also a lot to be said about the quality of the product and how it fits the wearer.

Alexandra Daddario is a model and actress. She stars in the television series Mayfair Witches. Her tummy is clearly chiseled in the new ad, which she showed off in a number of promotional photos. The two-piece outfit she wore for the promotional photoshoot features a halter top and matching shorts. Interestingly, she chose to pair the look with sneakers. But she did not forget the bra!

Alexandra’s tummy may not be the most flattering feature, but her legs are certainly sculpted. This is in large part thanks to her yoga practice. In fact, she says it’s one of the reasons she looks so good.

Alexandra and her sister Catharine were photographed wearing the same swimsuits. They matched their purple and white towels. In fact, they matched everything. They even wore the same sneakers, which is a bit naughty. While the ad doesn’t actually showcase her dog Eunice, it does include a shot of the pup. As if that wasn’t enough, the ad has been tagged as a paid partnership with Aerie.

When paired with the aforementioned ad, the real test of a good Aerie ad is to see if the brand is capable of capturing the attention of consumers through the right mix of fashion and function. Although the company is famous for lingerie, it has evolved into a more active fit, loungewear, and sexy two pieces in recent years. Even with this evolution, the brand has managed to maintain a sleek and sophisticated design.

Among the new features on the company’s upcoming Fall Collection, one of the more interesting offerings is a collection of SMOOTHEZ by Aerie products. These “anti-shapewear” items are much lighter than their counterparts. Some of the items on offer include a lace-up bralette, a hybrid bra, and cycling shorts. However, they all have one thing in common: they are more comfortable on the body.

In addition to the aforementioned ad, Alexandra Daddario has been very busy lately. She has starred in the television show Mayfair Witches, played a role in the casting of the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and started a strength training regimen last year. She claims that her latest endeavor, the SMOOTHZ by Aerie, is more sexy than most other brands. Not to mention that she is the face of the brand’s new “We are Real” campaign, which is set to launch on August 8. During this campaign, she and other trailblazing celebs will promote body positivity and diversity. And the company has its eyes on another star, namely, Aly Raisman.

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