Alan Robertson – Capricorn Celebrity Profile

Alan Robertson is perhaps best-known as Phil and Kay Robertson’s eldest son and for his appearances on A&E hit reality show Duck Dynasty, where he debuted as Beardless Brother in its fourth season premiere, garnering record viewership numbers.

As well as being a pastor, he has dedicated his life to Christian ministry. Together with Lisa, they attend White’s Ferry Road Church where they seek to share their faith.

Early Life and Education

Alan Robertson was one of Phil and Kay Robertson’s eldest sons and helped launch their family business during its infancy in the ’80s. Later he left to become pastor of White’s Ferry Road Church for 22 years; returning to Duck Commander as its owner since season four.

He is married to Lisa and they reside in West Monroe, Louisiana together. Phil is known for being the only member of Duck Dynasty without a beard.

As a high schooler, he attempted to find happiness through material pleasures; however, following several unhealthy relationships and being assaulted with an illegal weapon by his jealous husband’s jealousy served as a wakeup call; after which, he returned home like the prodigal son in Luke 15 and has been sober ever since.

Professional Career

Capricorn Alan Robertson combines religious devotion and media savvy into an extraordinary career path. As his parents Phil and Kay Robertson founded Duck Commander – an iconic hunting gear company featured in A&E reality show Duck Dynasty – Alan has grown up seeing both sides of these disciplines come to fruition in his life and career.

Duck Commander entered his family business as a teenager, serving as pastor for 22 years before coming back into Duck Commander and staring on its hit TV show. His dry wit and Southern charm quickly won him legions of fans across America.

He currently resides in West Monroe, Louisiana with his wife Lisa and daughters Anna and Alex. Willie and Jep also work at his company overseeing supplies and duck call production – further cementing his family bond through supporting each other’s careers and business endeavors.

Achievement and Honors

Alan Robertson was raised alongside his parents Phil and Kay Robertson working together on their Duck Commander business, which has grown from humble beginnings into a multi-million dollar enterprise that produces duck calls and hunting equipment.

Alan and Lisa Robertson, well-known for their families and faith, have co-written a devotional that brings together all their hard-learned wisdom regarding love and marriage into one comprehensive text.

Alongside their star turn on A&E reality series Duck Dynasty, Alan Robertson leads his family in owning and operating a duck hunting store in West Monroe, Louisiana. Additionally, Alan serves as Pastor at White’s Ferry Road Church and has written multiple books. He speaks across the country on faith, family, and duck hunting values while running production company with cousin Zach Robertson.

Personal Life

Alan Robertson was introduced as one of Phil and Kay Robertson’s four sons on A&E reality series Duck Dynasty during its fourth season to record viewers. Known as Beardless Brother alongside Si, Jase, and Willie Robertson; Alan worked alongside them all until leaving to become a pastor for 22 years prior to returning to Duck Commander and its TV series.

He and Lisa, parents to Anna and Alex, travel across America speaking about their story of brokenness, restoration, and forgiveness. Additionally, they have written several books including A New Season, Duck Commander Devotional for Couples, Desperate Forgiveness; in addition to hosting a podcast on Blaze Network.

Net Worth

Alan Robertson is the oldest son of Phil Alexander Robertson and Kay Robertson and is a dedicated Christian who has served as pastor at White’s Ferry Road Church for 22 years before rejoining Duck Dynasty as one of its stars and writing professionally – contributing significantly to his net worth and increasing it exponentially!

Jase, Phil and Kay’s youngest son, has taken charge of manufacturing at Duck Call Factory. He handles each call by hand to tune it correctly before overseeing supplies and shipping logistics.

Si is Phil’s brother and is best known for his signature green Tupperware cup that always remains full of refreshing iced tea. Additionally, Si creates the reeds used to craft duck calls as well as being an avid storyteller.

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