Adrian Pasdar And Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere, Actress: Heroes

Hayden Panettiere, better known for playing Claire Bennet on Heroes, has come a long way since her initial red carpet appearance at age nine at the 1998 Daytime Emmy Awards in an adorable white cape with fur trim.

Panettiere’s character on The Good Wife was indestructible cheerleader with superhuman abilities; since then she has gone on to star in several feature movies like Raising Helen and Joe Somebody as well as TV series like Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and The Object of My Affection.

While many may perceive Panettiere to have come out of nowhere, she had already established herself in Hollywood by the time Heroes made its debut in 2006. At just five years old she landed her first recurring role on One Life to Live before going on to appear in Unhappily Ever After and Guiding Light television shows.

Panettiere also won bit parts in films like Message in a Bottle and The Object of My Affection starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd; additionally, she earned numerous notable voiceover work assignments on television series such as Modern Family or Criminal Minds.

Hayden Panettiere first made headlines for her voice work in Pixar’s 1998 classic A Bug’s Life, voiced by Dave Foley (voice of Flik). This animated feature told the tale of Flik (Foley again!) an industrious ant who befriends circus fleas while trying to secure more food supplies for his colony. While not reaching the artistic heights of Toy Story, A Bug’s Life still proved enjoyable viewing.

One of the standout aspects of this movie was its impressive voice cast. Notable actors included D.B. Sweeney, Alfre Woodard, Della Reese and Julianna Margulies with Panettiere standing out as Dot; according to Box Office Mojo this film grossed over $363 Million worldwide!

Panettiere’s career spans both small-screen and big-screen media outlets, and she continues to impress both ways. Both in front of and behind the camera, she seems to possess an effortless style.

Panettiere’s penchant for superheroes is no secret, as evidenced by her voice work in both The Avengers: animated film adaptation and its follow up, X-Men Origins: Wolverine; in which she voices Sabretooth. No doubt these sequels will deliver just as well – check out their trailers now to be sure!

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