Adam Trest Prints For Sale

Adam Trest Prints For Sale

Adam Trest, a talented watercolor artist and small business owner from Laurel, Mississippi, has achieved international success with his unique home goods store. However, Adam is now ready to part ways with his beloved Mississippi residence and move away.

Adam discovered a way to share his artwork with others and turned it into a career. Since then, his Laurel Mercantile shop has blossomed from a small storefront into an international destination for art and home goods.

Trest has quickly become a rising star on HGTV’s Home Town, where he collaborates with Erin Napier to create unique artwork that tells stories about new homeowners. As such, his art can be found in hundreds of homes nationwide.

His latest venture is tile design, a completely new medium for him. To bring his creations to life, he’s joined forces with LiLi Cement Tiles to launch an exclusive range of cement tile patterns.

Tile design is all about creating unique shapes and textures that stand out from the crowd. Adam took inspiration from Southern folklore to craft this exciting collection of tiles.

Best of all, the finished product is an eye-catching masterpiece that can be used to beautify any space. From traditional bedrooms to industrial office settings, these tiles will add flair and make you smile every time you pass by them.

Adam Trest, a resident of Laurel, Mississippi, is renowned for his intricate watercolor paintings and whimsical designs. Drawing inspiration from the natural landscapes of the southern United States, these artworks often include animals or plants.

He specializes in combining classic peacock, sparrow and willow tree designs with vibrant palettes. His first tile line utilizes both European technique and Southern folklore for an absolutely one-of-a kind piece of artwork that will delight you every time you gaze upon it.

Adam has also developed the skill of printing his illustrations onto pillows, which have always been popular with customers; however, this is the first time he’s taken this venture on a larger scale.

Trest’s artistic talent has been praised, with him being compared to fellow Mississippian Walter Anderson for his ability to capture the wildlife and culture of his state through expressive brushstrokes.

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