Ada Vox Net Worth

Ada Vox Net Worth – How Much Is Ada Vox Worth?

Ada Vox, an American Idol alumni and drag queen star currently competing on RuPaul-produced show Queen of The Universe is making quite an impressionful first impression in her debut episode of Queen of The Universe competition. Hailing from San Antonio she is among 14 international drag performers vying for the grand prize of $250,000 on Paramount+ series Paramount+ series.

Ada was pitted against Brazilian queen Grag Queen and Atlanta queen Aria B. Cassadine as well as other queens from across the globe in this episode. Ada sang Radiohead’s Creep for her audition performance and impressed judges, while other contestants sang more popular tunes; Vox stood out with her unique vocal range and energetic performance style.

Vox makes her living through performing singing gigs, appearances, social media influencer activities and brand ambassadorship. It is estimated that Vox currently has an estimated net worth of $7 Million.

Vox and Roland Ray appear very in love and frequently post images of each other on Instagram accounts and seem very content together.

Vox has been very open about her relationship, often referencing him as her ‘husband’ in her posts. Vox is extremely passionate about her work as a drag queen – for over three years now performing as one and also featured in movies and television shows as both singer and drag queen performer.

Vox was heavily criticised after her time on American Idol, yet that didn’t deter her from continuing what she loves – something which inspired her to push on with her career and write music for PEOPLE Magazine. In an exclusive interview, Vox discusses the hate she receives online as motivation to continue performing music and push forward.

Vox has long been an advocate for LGBTQ rights and was a pioneer of San Antonio drag scene. A strong supporter of arts, she has participated in many fundraising events for local artists while hosting drag balls to raise money for LGBT charities in San Antonio.

Ada Vox has amassed many fans who follow her on social media platforms like Instagram. These supporters enjoy keeping up with her latest work and giving feedback about her performances; many hope to see more of Ada on the show over time, with hopes that if her performance impresses she may make the top 24 and compete on America’s Got Talent as well! We can’t wait to see what awaits Ada’s journey – stay tuned for updates about her career!

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