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The Lord of the Rings (Movie Review)

The Lord of the Rings is an epic fantasy epic film with breathtaking visuals and special effects that span across an incredible scope, featuring breathtaking landscapes, astounding special effects, and outstanding acting to create movie magic. While technically part of a trilogy, it stands as an engaging adventure tale and potency allegory of good versus evil that stands on its own as an exciting tale. Not since George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy have films explored myth so deeply – an achievement rarely replicated since.

This epic tale of Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves and humans banding together against an alluring yet demonic ring begins with an opening prologue which sets the scene for their journey across Middle Earth. Frodo Baggins inherits the One Ring from Bilbo to become its Ringbearer on its long journey towards Mount Doom and destroy it once and for all – in company with John Rhys-Davies as Gimli (John Rhys-Davies), Orlando Bloom (Legolas), Aragorn (Henry Czerny), Gandalf (Orlando Bloom), Gandalf (Orlando Bloom), Gandalf (Orlando Bloom), Gandalf (Orlando Bloom), Gandalf (Orlando Bloom), Gandalf (Orlando Bloom), Gandalf himself (Orlando Bloom), Gandalf (Orlando Bloom); all help him on its journey of destruction of course ; including of course Gandalf himself played by Sir Ian McKellen himself!

The Fellowship of the Ring offers many thrilling moments, but also serves as an effective lesson about courage, loyalty and sacrifice. Its characters undergo various trials that test their strength and faith in one another – Frodo’s friendship with Sam being particularly poignant; plus this film shows us that good and evil don’t always lie on an obvious continuum.

Peter Jackson is a masterful director, and The Hobbit lives up to its high expectations set by its hype. This New Zealander first made a name for himself with cleverly gross horror cheapies until 1994’s mesmerizing Heavenly Creatures; thereafter he directed more serious gangster drama The Frighteners as well as Michael J Fox’s blockbuster sequel The Frighteners 2. Now Jackson has created something truly cinematic which transports audiences back in time and space.

Fans of Tolkien’s beloved book will appreciate this faithful adaptation, which stays true to its narrative. Meanwhile, those unfamiliar with its events will benefit from an in-depth voiceover prologue explaining background details before the action continues smoothly. Wood’s performance as the increasingly mature Frodo stands out, especially his emotional delivery of lines with conviction; Mortensen’s imperious bearing as Aragorn; and Bean’s fascinating Boromir are among many highlights. Andy Serkis’ award-winning motion capture work as Gollum further elevates this film to art. The Lord of the Rings is an event movie; an epic achievement which will keep audiences spellbound throughout its three hour length and will remain treasured by generations to come. Though later films in the trilogy add on, none can surpass The Fellowship of the Ring in terms of impact and viewer satisfaction.

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