Accident On Powhite Parkway

An Accident on Powhite Parkway Causes Lane Closures and Residual Delays

Car accidents can happen at anytime, and they can be very dangerous. They can cause serious injuries, property damage, or even death. There are thousands of car crashes that occur in Richmond each year. Some of the most common causes include speeding, reckless driving, running a red light or stop sign, falling asleep at the wheel, drinking and driving, or distracted driving.

An accident on powhite parkway causing lane closures and residual delays

On Monday, August 22, an accident shut down a portion of the Powhite Parkway for several miles. It happened when a log truck flipped on its side and spilled over into the travel lanes. The truck was carrying felled trees, and a large portion of them spilled onto the roadway.

The truck remained on the highway for about an hour before crews cleared it and reopened the roads. However, a number of gallons of diesel fuel and hydraulic fuel were also spilled on the road during the incident.

Safety precautions remain a priority amid concerns of the spread of COVID-19 and additional strategies have been implemented to protect the traveling public and VDOT employees. Toll collection facilities have been fitted with transparent barriers at their collection windows to separate employees and drivers. In addition, toll collectors will be outfitted with face coverings and gloves to reduce interaction with the traveling public, when possible.

If you or someone you know is injured in a car crash, it is important to get medical attention right away. Next, you should file a police report and document the accident as much as possible. This includes photographs of the vehicles, surroundings, injuries, and any other pertinent details. It is also important to call your insurance company and file a claim.

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