Accident In Delray Beach Today

An SUV Rolled Over on I-95 in Delray Beach Today

On Monday morning at 5:04 a.m. near Atlantic Avenue on I-95 in Delray Beach, an SUV rolled over and trapped both an adult and child inside it. Police are currently conducting their investigation and as rain is likely in the area drivers should exercise extreme caution while traveling through this region.

Florida woman fighting for her life after she was hit with a bullet during New Year’s Eve festivities in Delray Beach. With COVID-19 pandemic taking hold, it has made it more challenging for family to be with her; nevertheless they do everything possible to show their affection and help their loved one heal quickly.

Car accidents of all kinds are devastating events for victims. Even minor collisions can leave those involved injured with significant physical trauma; fatal accidents often requiring extensive long-term medical treatment can have grave financial repercussions, from out of pocket medical costs to lost wages from not being able to work and even physical pain and suffering. Delray Beach Car Accident Lawyer David Datny helps victims receive full compensation for damages sustained.

After being involved in a crash, it’s essential to seek medical treatment immediately and adhere to any orders given by doctors. Delays could result in worsened injuries and potentially lifelong medical complications that impede normal daily function. It is also crucial that all necessary evidence from the accident is preserved; your Delray Beach injury attorney should request access to any black boxes (electronic data recorders) related to the incident in question in order to assess them as potential aid for your claim.

One of the most common mistakes accident victims make after being involved in a crash is failing to notify authorities and file an insurance claim immediately following. This can be especially harmful if they have sustained serious injuries as it delays treatment and claims submission processes.

While many accident victims may feel confused or overwhelmed after experiencing an incident, it’s always advisable to consult an experienced Delray Beach Injury Lawyer immediately. No matter the severity of your accident, it is never too late to consult a Delray Beach Injury Attorney who will fight on your behalf and ensure you receive full compensation for damages sustained. For more information or an initial free consultation contact Gonzalez & Cartwright P.A. today. At Delray Beach Injury Lawyers in Delray Beach, FL, our offices specialize in handling all kinds of injury cases related to auto, motorcycle and bicycle accidents; pedestrian collisions; construction incidents and construction accident claims. With Spanish-speaking staff on staff for added support. Fill out a free case evaluation form now for a no-committal, confidential consultation – we look forward to meeting with you soon!

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