90s Roller Rink Carpet

A Nostalgic Journey Into the 90s

Experience a nostalgic trip into the past

From the moment you entered Classic Skate of Riverdale, it felt like entering another realm. Here, skates were made out of wood, metal and rubber and you needed to purchase tickets to visit the concession stand for candy, soda or pizza. Plus, its iconic hardwood floors, disco balls and tchotchkes added an air of nostalgia.

Roller Rink Carpet that Meets Expectations

Are you in search of new flooring for your roller rink, our best-selling Parallel Carpet Tile is the ideal option. This high traffic, PVC-free polyurethane tile will meet all the demands of your rink while offering an impressive limited lifetime wear warranty. Plus, its StayTac backing technology eliminates the need for traditional adhesive, making installation simpler and faster than ever.

Best of all, this carpet is easy to maintain. It features a stain-resistant top coat to keep your flooring looking its best and can be quickly and easily cleaned by vacuuming or scrubbing.

Most importantly, select a product that provides the durability and functionality your rink requires. Doing so will save you money on costly repairs or replacements in the future, while also enhancing customer comfort levels with top-notch materials.

Finding the ideal rink floor requires consulting with an expert who will walk you through the selection process. They can offer recommendations and ideas tailored to your specific requirements, while helping select a cost-effective option for your space.

Utilizing advanced technology combined with creative design will create a fantastic rink floor that can withstand all foot and rolling traffic while still offering guests an unforgettable experience.

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