90 Days From Jan 10

The 90 Days From January 10 – Moving to San Francisco

The 90 days from January 10 is a good time to start planning your grand plans for a new place to call home. It’s also a good time to see what you already have, and what you might need to replace with something better. To do this, you’ll need to keep an eye on the real estate market. If you’re a renter, you’ll want to check out the monthly resale prices of the houses on your block. Likewise, if you’re a landlord, you’ll want to pay attention to the vacancy rates. By doing so, you’ll be able to better determine whether or not you should move out.

In addition, you should know that the San Francisco metro area has a robust housing market that should be considered as a whole. This is particularly true if you are looking to buy or sell a home. There are numerous options for you, and most are relatively cheap. With the right tools and a bit of elbow grease, you’ll have a better shot of getting a deal.

For example, you may find that a two bedroom bungalow, if you’re willing to do some house hunting, will be a better fit than a four-bedroom duplex, especially if you’re planning to occupy only one of the apartments. And if you’re in the market for a luxury apartment, there are a few swanky places to look. A couple of them are located just a few blocks from the Golden Gate Bridge, and some are even tucked away in the hood of a high-rise. You’ll also want to take note of the high-priced rentals, as they’re often snapped up quickly. So if you’re considering moving to San Francisco, keep an eye on the property listings for your best bets.

Moreover, you’ll be glad to know that San Francisco has a slew of free museums, including the California Academy of Sciences, which is a great place to learn about nature and science. They also have plenty of art and architecture to view, as well as a slew of opulent public buildings, many of which have recently undergone renovations. These include the aforementioned Palace of Fine Arts, the Museum of Modern Art, and the De Young museum.

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