70s Soul Train Theme Party

70s Soul Train Theme Party

During a birthday bash over Labor Day weekend, Queen Bey took it back a few decades and hosted a Soul Train theme party. She pulled out the big guns with the help of some of her friends and family including Destiny’s Child, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar, Usher, Chance The Rapper and more music makers.

The 1970s was a decade of transition and change. A lot of things happened during this time period from the rise of disco to the decolonization of Africa. The world was also going through a geopolitical rivalry between the United States and Soviet Union. There were many coups, civil wars and famine all over the world.

Fashionwise, the 70s was a very exciting time for fashion as women started to wear high heels and bell bottoms in addition to their usual jeans and pants. The trend lasted until the 90s when it finally made a comeback.

Hairstyles were also a huge part of the decade, with women falling in love with big hair. It’s no secret that Beyonce slays in everything she wears, but her tresses really stood out at the party as she wore a long golden gown that topped her head with a massive tan coat.

Guests were dressed in their best ’70s attire. From afros to bell bottoms and even sparkly one-legged trousers, it’s clear that Beyonce’s devoted her friends and family to pulling off the groovy theme.

Beyonce was also seen dancing the night away to her favorite ’70s music, and she snagged some saucy line dance moves with Jay Z. It’s no wonder the birthday girl dubbed herself “The Queen of Disco.”

Centerpiece Circles

A great way to add a groovy touch to your 70s Soul Train theme party is by decorating with these fun circle centerpiece designs. Each of the circles is 5 inches tall and features a different design for a fun and sassy look.

For a complete 70s look, add some disco napkins and plates to your table! These decorations will have your guests ready to boogie the night away.

Feature Disco Balls

A great party decoration for any ’70s party is the disco ball. There are plenty of different types of disco balls to choose from, so be sure to get the ones that are perfect for your 70s theme!

Be sure to check out these other fun 70s party ideas, too!

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It’s the most fabulous time to have a party and it’s even more awesome when you get to celebrate with your loved ones. So grab some disco napkins, plates, and other groovy 70s decorations to make your upcoming party the biggest and most exciting party of your life!

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