7 Things To Consider When Choosing a Full Service Catering Company

Hiring catering services can introduce class and streamline the food and drink delivery at your event. Placing the task of preparing food on a seasoned and skilled entity can also lessen the responsibility put on yourself. From food quality to caterer availability, here are seven things to consider when choosing a full service catering company:

1. Food Quality

Choose a catering service that offers safe, high-quality food with excellent taste and attractive presentation. Check the catering vendor’s portfolio for past examples of their food presentation. Ask whether the full service catering company offers tasting to prospective clients. Tasting sessions can help you experience the food’s flavor and quality before the event. You can also use taste-tasting sessions to help create outstanding menus for your guests. 

2. Event Location

The location of your event might affect a catering company’s ability to serve the food. Check that there is a space available at the venue for the caterer to set up and stage the food. The caterer may also need access to power and usable water. You can walk your preferred caterer through the logistics of your chosen venue to help them understand and address any location or accessibility concerns.

3. Event Needs

The needs of your event include the number of guests, menu preferences, and any required equipment. Knowing how many guests will be attending the event can help you plan to have the right amount of food. Before planning your catering menu, gather information on guest food allergies, preferences, and other dietary restrictions. You may also need equipment, such as tables and chairs. Your venue may have specific equipment available, or you can ask your potential caterer for a solution. An experienced caterer may have connections with other event-planning businesses nearby.

4. Business License and Insurance

Hire a catering service with a valid business license and suitable liability insurance. This helps make sure that the appropriate party is responsible for any employee injury or property damage caused by the caterer’s cooking, serving, and transport equipment. If you plan to have alcohol served at your event, verify that a proper liquor license is in place. A licensed vendor should also adhere to strict food safety regulations and hygiene practices.

5. Service Style

Your guest list and event theme will shape your catering needs, determining whether to go with formal or casual services. An evening wedding requires a different service and presentation style when compared to a corporate breakfast meeting. Ask your full service caterer if they offer a servicing style and staffing level suited for your event type.

6. Reputation and Expertise

Reputable caterers often spend years building their stature and perfecting their services. Companies with well-trained chefs and serving staff can deliver outstanding presentations, flavorful dishes, and quality service to guests. Check reviews and recommendations from reliable sources to understand what food service quality to expect from a potential catering company. Look for comments about food temperature, food service speed, and overall event satisfaction.

7. Budget and Availability

When choosing catering services, a pricing discussion helps determine if your budget can meet your catering expectations. Be open about your finances and establish a budget early to regulate spending. Pick a caterer that can assist you in designing a menu suited to your budget, offering different options for different price levels. Caterers can also have long waiting lists, so contact a catering professional early in the planning phase. Check your preferred caterer’s availability and book in advance to avoid disappointments.

Contact a Full Service Catering Company

An accomplished and experienced caterer can deliver delicious food to your guests, adding style and convenience to your big event. Consider your budget, venue, and service style before choosing a catering company. Contact a full service caterer to help simplify your event responsibilities.

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