7 Foot Fake Tree

A 7 Foot Fake Tree Is a Great Option For Homeowners Looking to Decorate in a Smaller Space

A 7 foot fake tree is the ideal solution for homeowners looking to decorate in a smaller space without sacrificing a holiday centerpiece. Not only that, but the slim design of this artificial tree makes setting up easy with its hinged branch design and collapsible stand that can be stored when not in use.

When shopping for artificial trees, there are several types available, each offering a more realistic appearance than the next. When selecting your perfect artificial tree, take into account its size, height and material composition. Some are made entirely out of polyethylene (PE), producing 3D needles that look more lifelike than those made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). While these may be costlier options, they tend to last longer due to less falloff issues than PVC alone.

Create a winter wonderland with an illuminated flocked tree. These come in various colors to match any home decor, from white to silver. Interior designers and set decorators love them for their ability to replicate natural elements in their settings.

Another popular type of tree is the pencil tree, which comes in a smaller size ideal for tight places or smaller rooms. Though these trees tend to look less realistic than full-sized varieties, they can still support an impressive load of ornaments.

Balsam Hill’s 7.5-foot Jersey Fraser Fir is the perfect option for those seeking to replicate the look of a real Christmas tree. Using True Needle technology, this tree appears full and lush while also being sturdy enough to support heavy ornaments.

Our testers found assembling this tree to be a breeze, though they did observe that fluffing the branches took some time. Once complete, however, it looked very lifelike once in place.

This Home Depot bestseller is ideal for small spaces or those who need an easy-to-assemble tree. It comes in three sections that fit together and boasts over 4,000 tips and 1,200 lights, plus a remote control.

A 7 foot faux tree is the ideal choice for homes with average ceiling heights. It can be the focal point of living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens alike – providing your room with an inviting atmosphere.

If your space features higher ceilings, a 9-foot faux tree is an excellent option for your decor. Not only does it fit nicely in large living rooms and bedrooms, but it can also be used in offices and bedrooms.

For larger spaces, opt for an 11-foot faux tree. While these may be more costly than other sizes, they’re best suited to larger rooms as they can support more decorations and ornaments.

Finally, if you’re not a fan of the traditional Christmas tree shape, try opting for faux pine or spruce instead. These styles are popular throughout America and provide an elegant alternative for those who appreciate classic aesthetics.

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