4th Of July Starbucks Cups

Starbucks Cups Open on Fourth of July

Summer has arrived and for many, the Fourth of July means enjoying time outdoors with family and friends. Whether it’s a BBQ at their house, an outdoor party in your backyard or simply sitting back on your patio, you’re likely going to want something refreshing to drink while taking in all of the holiday’s festivities – for some this means getting a fresh cup of coffee from Starbucks!

It’s no secret that Americans enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee on the Fourth of July. So while Starbucks may be open on this special day, remember not all locations will be open for business on this holiday.

If you’re uncertain if your nearest Starbucks store is open, be sure to check the Starbucks website store finder and app before heading out on vacation! Having access to delicious coffee will be sure to make the most of this upcoming summer holiday!

You should also check out their summer menu, which offers refreshing beverages to keep you cool and refreshed throughout the day. From Pineapple Passionfruit Starbucks Refreshers to Paradise Drinks, there are plenty of tasty choices that will help keep you hydrated.

When in need of something sweet, head to Starbucks’ dessert section for some festive cake pops or swap your regular brew for one of their seasonal drinks like Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refreshers(r).

No matter how you celebrate the 4th of July, make sure you have plenty of energy for all your plans. It may even be wise to stock up on Starbucks coffee so that you can enjoy it throughout the day – whether at the beach, during a picnic, or while taking photos with festive outfits!

Although many of us will head to our favorite Starbucks on the Fourth of July, it’s important to know that not all locations will be open. This is because Starbucks doesn’t adhere to a set holiday schedule and some stores may adjust their hours in order to accommodate employees on this national holiday.

On Independence Day, Starbucks will be open and offering their signature cups of java to enjoy before starting your special day! So if you’re in need of a refreshing summer beverage or need an instant boost of energy, make sure to stop by your nearest Starbucks on July 4!

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