3 Most Important Highlights in iTop PDF

PDF, which stands for “Portable Document Format,” is a versatile file format that was developed by Adobe. It was designed to enable displaying and exchanging documents as simple and dependable, regardless of the software, hardware, or operating system that the person viewing the document is utilizing.

Because of Adobe’s technology, PDFs are an excellent choice for keeping your files private and unseen by others with a high level of security. PDF also has the additional benefit of enabling the same formatting and content to be displayed on all platforms, which is another one of its advantages.

But PDF is not easy to manage or operate. That’s why there are a lot of PDF tools in the market. If you are new to this industry and have no idea which software is good for you to get started, you can try iTop PDF.

In the following content, we will introduce this PDF software for you and give its 3 most practical features to help you easily manage your PDF document.

Simple Introduction of iTop PDF

iTop PDF is not only a fantastic PDF editor but can be considered as a full-functioned PDF software. For example, it has a PDF watcher that enables you to see PDFs without opening them in another software. Additionally, iTop PDF may totally convert PDFs to other formats, like Word or Succeed. As a result, if necessary, editing PDFs in such projects is made straightforward.

Additionally, iTop PDF contains encryption and secret word protection features, allowing you to protect your PDF files. The greatest PDF creator nowadays is the soft drink PDF Work area, available for Windows, and best of all, you can easily create PDF records from a variety of document designs, including photos or Microsoft Word, Succeed, and PowerPoint records.

3 Most Important Highlights in iTop PDF

iTop PDF, which was previously mentioned, can modify PDF files in a variety of ways. It is devoted to highlighting and illuminating the essential components so that you are fully aware of what to expect.

1. Convert PDF to Other Formats & Vise Versa

With iTop PDF, you can easily convert image files (JPG, BMP, Altercation, GIF) and Word, Succeed PPT, and documents into excellent PDFs. Reports are rapidly transmitted, converted to PDFs, and made available for immediate download.

The cycle may also be changed to operate with PDF document editing and review in different report or image formats.

OCR may be used to extract text from filtered or image-based PDF archives, and multi-record processing is possible. Whenever it comes to converting PDFs, iTop PDF consistently delivers outstanding results.

2. Easily Sign PDFs

When the necessity arises, iTop PDF is always prepared to handle signed PDF documents. Since it is undisputed, you may add a digital mark to PDF and even ask that others do the same. The mouse may be used to sign, add initials, input text, or transfer a previously captured photo.

When necessary, it is possible to add a date and checkboxes.

It is possible to effortlessly mark up several PDFs with the aid of a plan. A PDF must be sent to a person or group to be marked.

The client-transferred data will be removed from iTop PDF’s server after treatment is complete. Additionally, they use SSL to encrypt records.

3. Edit PDFs like Word

How to edit a PDF like Word? With the help of iTop PDF, adding text information to PDF structures is simple.

Please take note that you have the option to add shapes, photos, freehand remarks, and photographs as well to achieve your goals. The text style, variety, and page direction of PDF documents are also adjustable.

Making every effort to ensure that the final PDF page is tailored to your preferences and that the desired info is shared widely.

If there is a mistake, you can repair it or attempt the change again. With only one click, the edited PDF file may be printed or shared directly from the editing window.

The Bottom Line

With iTop PDF, controlling PDF documents is simple since it provides reliable and efficient interaction for all necessary devices. Because the cloud administrations are integrated, working together on archives and producing quality results is straightforward. You have a private, wholesome encounter with iTop PDF. Try it out right away to take advantage of easy PDF handling.

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