21 Stone In Lbs

21 Stone in Lbs – Converting Between Stone, Pounds and Ounces

Weight loss can be a grueling endeavor. But for one man, who achieved incredible results using an effective diet plan in just four weeks: his 21 stone loss!

He shared his diet plan on sharing site Reddit in 2013, when he was “anxious, socially awkward and very overweight”. After taking up weight training for eighteen weeks, Ludlow quickly lost eight stone and transformed his physique – now sporting a six pack as an inspiring example of what you can achieve through exercise in just weeks.

The stone is an English and imperial unit of mass that is now equal to 14 pounds (lbs) or 6.35029318 kilograms kg. It has long been used as a standard measure for human body weight in Britain, Ireland, and some parts of Australia.

In 1835, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures accepted it as the standard unit of mass. Since then, it has become the most widely used weight measurement worldwide, used to weigh large animals such as sacks of wool, seeds, dry fruits and more.

In the United States and some other countries, people often use pounds to express their weight. It is expected that it will take at least a generation before all populations in these places convert fully to the metric system.

People in the UK and Ireland tend to mix up terms for weight, such as “stones” with pounds. This may cause confusion for those from the US who are more used to using just pounds instead of stones.

Convert between stones, pounds and ounces with our user-friendly conversion tools. Type the value manually into any of these three formats or take advantage of our automatic converting tools for even faster results.

The results in the table below have been rounded to three decimal places, or you can click on the Get Results button for an answer that appears in either scientific form or standard index form. Each display type has its own advantages, and depending on certain situations one form may be preferred over another – such as when working with large numbers or needing precise results.

21 Stone in Pounds

Converting between stones and pounds can be tricky when the two systems of measurement differ. You can use this online calculator to convert between them easily.

Enter the stone value into the top line and click ‘Get Results’. Your answer will appear in either scientific form, standard index form or, for UK residents, a standard form.

You can use the ‘Calculate Results’ button to obtain the equivalent value in kilograms. This result can then be displayed as a table or chart, providing approximate comparisons between pounds, stones and kilograms.

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