Young And The Restless Fan Events 2022

Young and the Restless Fan Events 2022

Young and the restless fan events 2022 promise to be an incredible adventure! We’re heading off to some of the greatest conventions, such as Otakuthon in Quebec and Anime Expo in San Francisco – so if you’re a Young and the restless fan, make sure you get your ticket now!

Recaps for January 2 – 6, 2023: Plots, Subterfuge and Unhappy Characters

On this week’s Y&R recap, Nick stings Nate, Lily evaluates her relationship with Daniel and Victoria is embroiled in two confrontations!

Awaited for months, the Young and the Restless reunion is almost here – and it promises to be nothing short of extraordinary! We can’t wait to see if Adam, Phyllis and Victoria make it work and what will transpire with the Winters/Hastings family when they finally return.

At Jeremy Stark’s benefit for the hospital, we expect plenty of drama as Jack and Diane put on a set that falls short of what we have come to expect from them.

As we embark on another week, Phyllis and Nikki find themselves in precarious circumstances after Nikki’s reckless plan. While it remains uncertain how much damage this solo endeavor will do, they need to find a way to disassemble the “I Hate Diane Club” and rid Genoa City of their back-from-the-dead adversary.

What I hope for is that the Winters/Hastings family can come together and work towards something greater, just as Neil would have wanted. Now is an opportunement for Chance to join in on this case and contribute to Chancellor’s legacy too!

Mariah and Tessa should develop a genuine relationship. I think they make an excellent couple, but I hope they can work through their issues and be open with one another about how they’re feeling.

I would love to see them attempt to parent a child together, though there may be some challenges along the way. Additionally, I’d love to see Sharon pursue therapy as her profession; perhaps with some assistance from her nanny and new boss as well.

Y&R Fan Events 2020: Upcoming Conventions, Shows and More!

Check out the full calendar of Y&R events by clicking below. We will be adding more shows and conventions as we go along, so if you’d like to be notified when a new event is added to our calendar, simply email us your contact info and we’ll let you know when it goes live.

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