Yasmeen Nicole New Boyfriend

Yasmeen Nicole Net Worth – Who is Yasmeen Nicole’s New Boyfriend?

Yasmeen Nicole is one of America’s most acclaimed Instagram stars, known for her stunning selfies and flawless makeup application. Additionally, she boasts a large fan base on other social media platforms such as YouTube.

Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million. Her primary sources of income come from sponsorships and modeling assignments; often times she’s approached by fashion or makeup brands for promotional opportunities.

She achieved success when she posted a selfie on Instagram. Her fans responded enthusiastically with more than 7,000 likes, encouraging her to keep posting pictures. Since then, she has grown into an influential social media star with over 1.2 million followers on the platform alone.

At the start of her career, she experienced insecurity about her appearance. But as popularity increased, her self-worth began to blossom and she gained confidence in herself.

After becoming an Instagram Star, she ventured onto YouTube where she posted her beauty and lifestyle videos. Now with over 642k subscribers on her channel, it’s no wonder why this woman has achieved success!

Recently, the influencer revealed she is pregnant with her boyfriend. While she has yet to identify who father of the baby will be, they enjoy a strong relationship and adore each other deeply.

She is not yet married or engaged, but she is happily dating handsome boy named Kobe Bryce Lankford who became her new boyfriend in 2018. They are both contented and in love with one another.

Her boyfriend is very handsome and adorable. He shows her a lot of love, supporting her in everything she does. He always wishes to be in a serious relationship with her for the rest of his life, spending quality time together.

Their bond is strong and they have a beautiful love story. She said that she only wanted someone who would cherish her forever, which she found in him.

She exudes beauty and slimness, boasting 34-28-40 inches in measurements. To maintain her fit physique, she follows a healthy diet to stay in shape.

Yasmeen Nicole is a fashion model from the United States renowned for her makeup and hair tutorials. She boasts an avid fan following on both Instagram and YouTube.

Her fans think she is an accomplished beauty blogger with a great personality. Her cute smile and gorgeous style speak for themselves!

Her parents are from the United States and she holds American nationality. She holds a strong religious conviction in Christianity, possessing high moral principles and an impeccable integrity.

She was raised in a happy family and is kind to all her friends. She loves traveling and discovering new places, while taking time out for art projects that she shares on Instagram.

Her family resides in Dallas, Texas. She excels academically and loves learning. Her parents are proud of her accomplishments and inspire her to do great things for herself. With ambitions of becoming a social media star, she has many aspirations in mind.

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