Xmods Rc Car


XMODS is a company that specializes in producing RC cars that look like their real counterparts. These cars are often very well-made with great attention to detail. There are many options for colors and styles to choose from, including the 1967 Pontiac Firebird.

The first models were released in 2005. These models included a touring car as well as a buggy. They both came in a standard box, although the company released several different body kits as well. RadioShack stopped selling the cars in their stores in January 2007 due to a defect. The defect caused body parts to crack and break under pressure. XMODS models also have accessory kits, including headlight claws and hood-mounted missile launchers.

The company’s Xmods RC Cars range is incredibly diverse, and features several popular cars in today’s society. From the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII to the Audi R8, the line boasts a diverse and unique selection. Some of the new models available include the Nissan GTR, 2004 Hummer H2, Ford Mustang, Nissan Titan, and Corvette Z06.

XMODS was discontinued in 2010. However, you can still find many models online. Most RC vehicles are divided into hobby and toy grades, with the hobby grade ones typically having more advanced features and costing more than toy-grade cars. This makes XMODS more of a hobby-grade RC than a toy.

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