Wrap Neck Puffer Coat

Wrap Neck Puffer Coat

Wrap neck puffer coats are a go-to outerwear choice for cold weather. These oversized, slouchy pieces come in various styles such as chic cashmere to warm quilted options or even some teddy and corduroy options.

These must-haves for every closet. Not only do they keep your shoulders covered while looking fashionable, but they make a great alternative to traditional winter jackets that have a more relaxed fit. Plus, you can style them with almost anything – including jeans and boots!

These coats come in an array of colors, so you’re sure to find one that complements your wardrobe. Typically, these garments are crafted from wool or faux fur and lined with fur trim for warmth and coziness.

What you should know about parkas is that they tend to be thicker and heavier than puffer jackets. Usually longer in length, with a fur-lined hood for extra warmth on chilly days. Plus, parkas often come equipped with solid buttons as well as zippers that extend all the way up your face for added security.

Puffer jackets are lighter than parkas and feature a puffed-up appearance. They may be insulated with down, synthetic fibers, or other materials and tend to be waterproof as well as having a hood attached.

When selecting the ideal puffer coat for you, one of the important considerations is what type of activity you plan to do with it. If you plan on wearing your puffer coat to the gym regularly, opt for one with a higher neck or one that fits snugly at the neck.

When wearing a coat for work, synthetic insulation might be preferable. This type of insulation is lighter than down and less clumpy, making it easier to wear while working.

High-quality jackets should have all the right features, so read the details before you buy. Check for water resistance and fabric that won’t shrink when washed. Furthermore, opt for eco-friendly materials as these are better for the environment than their conventional counterparts.

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