Who Is Running For Governor In Arizona In 2022

Who is Running For Governor in Arizona in 2022?

Who will run for governor of Arizona in 2022?

Arizona’s gubernatorial race has drawn national attention due to allegations of election malfeasance and issues with tabulators. On Tuesday evening, Democratic nominee Secretary of State Katie Hobbs led Republican opponent Kari Lake by a narrow margin and appears set to win in the closing days of the campaign.

Both candidates hold opposing views on many key issues that voters will weigh when casting their vote, such as immigration, abortion and water use. During her campaign, Hobbs promised to ensure all Arizonans have a voice in the political process and create an inclusive government for the state of Arizona.

She has a background in social work and has extensive experience working with homeless youth and executives at domestic violence shelters. Additionally, she served as an elected official in both the Arizona Senate and as Secretary of State.

Hobbs has dedicated her career to bringing accountability into politics and improving Arizona’s infrastructure. Additionally, she champions equity and justice, seeking positions at the state level that promote diversity within the workforce.

Hobbs is running to become the first Democratic governor of Arizona since Janet Napolitano in 2006. She’s the only candidate who has never held elected governor office during a single term and hopes to break the GOP hold on the Grand Canyon State.

She is the sole woman running for office in Arizona this year and hopes to break new ground in politics. As an advocate for civil rights and women’s rights, she wants to build an inclusive state government that works for all its citizens.

Her platform includes proposals to increase voting locations, extend early voting hours and enhance voter access. She is also advocating for a “new generation of governors” who will be more involved in their community and take on difficult issues head-on.

Hobbs is a staunch supporter of voter identification and is working to enhance the state’s registration process. Additionally, she advocates for elderly rights and has promised to make healthcare more affordable.

Arizona’s race for governor is set to be one of the closest ever, and will likely be decided within days. NBC News is monitoring all major contests closely and will publish results on Wednesday night when they become available.

NBC’s live stream of the vote count will be accessible on its website and across all major media outlets. The stream includes a statewide map of votes cast and an analysis of results by county.

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