Where Did Aj’s Dad Find Aj’s Phone

Where Did AJ’s Dad Find AJ’s Phone?

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Adams Foster family are overjoyed to welcome back AJ; however, AJ remains bitter towards Ty. He tells his family about watching Padres games from atop of water tower. Mike suggests all going together to a game; this excites AJ greatly as he wants to go behind home plate and meet all the players! Mike agrees to take them all, and AJ quickly begins planning for their trip.

At the park, AJ contacts Callie through her cell phone to explain that he has been arrested for vandalizing property but that Callie refused to lend him money for legal representation. When AJ tells Callie of an oceanside skate park on Oceanside she refuses his offer of help and walks off instead.

Later, AJ can be seen with her Girls United group at Callie’s birthday party and is enjoying herself while conversing with Kiara and Brandon. Brandon worries that AJ might be communicating secretly with Ty and turning against Mike; however, Mike shrugs off Brandon’s concerns. Later still, while sitting on the family room couch eating cake Mike approaches but she ignores him initially before eventually giving back her phone with whom AJ reluctantly admits talking to Ty via his cellphone.

AJ tried to hide his phone under his bed, only for it to be found by his parents who gave him a lecture about being more responsible with his belongings and warned him they will no longer allow him to drive if this behavior continued. Anger ensued as AJ threatened to run away; his dad convinced him otherwise and convinced AJ to stay home instead for the night.

AJ can be seen asking people for money. He approaches Callie but she turns him away, telling him not to come around anymore. Callie accuses AJ of acting scared but AJ denies this claim. An argument ensues until an unidentified individual intervenes and tells them both to stop fighting; at which time, AJ apologizes to Callie but promises respecting her request and leaves.

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