When I Read I Dream Dolls

When I Read I Dream Dolls

When I Read I Dream Dolls are soft plush creatures designed to hold and whisper back your dreams every night before bed. They provide companionship on your journey towards achieving your ambitions.

David Godfrey’s short film stands out among art works for its sexual overtones and possible references to Disney films like Peter Pan. [2] But it can also be read as an indirect critique.

Dolls are often associated with childhood, so it should come as no surprise if they appear in your dreams. When considering your dream involving dolls, try to understand which aspects of life might be being represented by this image.

If you see a doll that seems to come alive, this could represent your desire for change or perhaps that someone has taken advantage of you in some way. Seeing someone use one may also be telling.

Psychologer Carl Jung suggested that dolls in dreams might symbolize our opposite gender selves: our animus or animus.[5] If your dream involves dolls, this might be an indicator that it’s time to consider your gender identity more deeply.

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