What Does Lily Rose Depp Think Of Amber Heard

What Does Johnny Depp Think of Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had an infamously turbulent relationship that caused Lily-Rose Depp, his daughter, to keep silent about their daughter’s development; but recently in an interview, Lily-Rose opened up. At 23 years old she discussed her childhood experiences, conversations about being called a “nepo baby”, as well as discussing any gossip regarding Johnny.

Lily-Rose Depp was asked by Heard’s attorneys during their high-profile defamation trial against her father and former stepmom; however, she chose not to answer directly at that time. Recently however, when speaking to Elle Magazine she did address this topic.

“What has come out of it has been extremely toxic and irrational,” she says. “I do not wish to participate in it at any level as someone wanting to work in this industry.”

She then discussed how much her parents attempted to shield her from the spotlight as she grew up, which remained true even as an adult. Idol star Carrie Underwood went on to explain that this private nature has played a big part of who she is; “That’s one reason I don’t post often on social media (such as Twitter), and only post when relevant to work (rather than just trying to gain followers or followership).”

Lily-Rose may prefer staying out of the spotlight, but she still has projects lined up that will put her in the public eye. In December 2022 she will star as fictional celebrity Jocelyn in The Idol created by Abel Tesfaye (known as The Weeknd), Reza Fahim, and Sam Levinson which will put Lily-Rose on the map as she makes her TV debut as Jocelyn.

Lily-Rose also discussed her friendship with Cara Delevingne, one of Heard’s closest allies. They met through their work at Chanel in 2015 and have become close, walking shows together and appearing in eyewear campaigns together since. Lily-Rose noted they remained close despite Heard’s accusations against Johnny as she remains close with both women today.

During Heard’s defamation trial, many of her fans accused Cara of playing into Heard’s fight against her husband by befriending Cara so she could gain access to Heard and have an affair with the model.

Heard and Depp’s trial was one of the most well-publicized celebrity conflicts ever seen, leaving Heard deeply depressed upon hearing its outcome, while Depp is still trying to recover his reputation after accusing Heard of physical abuse; during which, Depp denied this charge by alleging she falsified an op-ed published by The Washington Post as proof that she made false claims against him.

Last year, they decided to split after 18 years together and two children together including Lily-Rose. Heard has remained silent throughout this ordeal but perhaps she might voice different thoughts when given an opportunity? Only time will tell.

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